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Gulf War Battle Damage A-10 80-0186 (Repaired)
  ACFT Tail # Incident Date Unit Severity Description of Damage Repair Time Event #
18. A‑10 80‑0186 1-Feb-91 23TFW Damaged Front windscreen below HUD. R&R front windscreen, 24‑hour cure E‑20
19. A‑10 80‑0186 15-Feb-91 23TFW Damaged Hits both rudders, right elevator gone. 11 days‑2 weeks, 139 m/h F‑23
Col David Sawyer's, commander 23 TFW, aircraft was battle damaged on three different occasions, one being the "Golden BB" hitting the front windscreen, and the last being the infamous "300 holes" time as a result of an SA-16 exploding near it on 15 Feb 1991 that hit both rudders and took the right elevator off. The photo's that show "NO" on the tail were taken after we installed verticals from 76-0540. We had it back in the air flying in 7 days.