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England AFB APOE (Aerial Port of Embarkation) August 1990 2951st CLSS APOE was England AFB, LA, departing with the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, Sept 1990. We spent 3 weeks beginning in Aug 1990 living in downtown Alexandria LA, working at England on the 23 TFW aircraft. We performed major maintenance on 79-084, got re-certified on the M-16, and helped the 23rd TFW launch jets during the deployment. Some of my team members I can remember are: SSgt Allen Van Cleef, TSgt Sherman London, TSgt Mike Brannon, Sgt Mike Reiter, Sgt Tim Porter, SSgt Dave Seimer, TSgt James Clagett, Sgt Jeff Barnes, SSgt Jeff Langford, MSgt Rick McClure, MSgt Nick Martinez, Chief James Jefferson, Sgt Kendall Sierakowski, Capt Poe (engineer), SSgt Robson, Sgt King, Sgt Paul "The Dice Man" Labra", SSgt Scott Ridgeway, SSgt Jeff Rasmussen, TSgt Gene Harrel, TSgt Robert Runge, Sgt Willy ??, Sgt Brian Bowers, SSgt Greg Young, SSgt Dave Pentecost. There are others, I just can't remember names... sorry guys. How did we end up at England AFB? We departed McClellan AFB on military aircraft and flew down to Davis Monthan, where we thought we would wait for airlift to Saudi, but in reality we didn't even stay at DM one full day. In the middle of the first night we were instructed to get to England AFB any way we could, and mil air was not available. So, we broke down all our war gear, pallets, and weapons, and flew commercial to New Orleans airport. Since the weapons were all palletized, we had no cases for them. We borrowed cases for each M-16 from the folks at DM. When we arrived at the airport in New Orleans, where we expected transportation waiting from England... there was none. It took 6+ hours of communication and transportation time to get a flatbed and trucks to us. While we were all there, the rock band Ted Nugentcame thru. This was a big deal to many of our team members. The band talked with some of us, asking if we were a band and if the cases were out instruments haha. We finally got our transportation and headed for England AFB, where we stayed several weeks. M-16 Training and RefresherMany deployed from McClellan AFB without current M-16 certification. Actually it wasn't a CLSS requirement to stay current, but that proved to be a bad thing when we actually had to go to war. So, while at England, we all went thru re-cert. Dover AFB We stayed a couple days at Dover AFB after leaving England and awaited transportation to Saudi.